Tribute to September 11th

On a bright sunny day

A plane in airway

Hit our twin towers

Fire rose with evil power

At first it was thought

An error was brought

Then the second plane hit

We had to admit

A terror was born

No time to forewarn

Our Pentagon was in flames

We didnít know who to blame

Pennsylvania had its tragedy

So many lost lives, all so vainly

Terror shocked the nation

Hatred filled those airmen

Many lives were lost

At a very high cost

We are a strong Nation

All nationalities, all brethren

Pray for peace in your prayers

Let no one, no where, impair

Our freedom still rings

Thank God for all blessings

© Joyce Ann Geyer

September 10, 2004

Earlier that morning on my job

I was on the telephone with

A man from New York City.

All of a sudden I heard a

Woman call out

ďYouíve got to go, even though

Youíre on vacation, the city needs you.Ē

In a gentle firm voice he replied ďIím

A fireman, I must go. Iíll call you later.

The gentle kind voice perished.

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