Doing It All For You

Life is so worth living, ever since I met you
I still remember our first date
You were so handsome all dressed in navy blue
Curly hair, sparkling eyes, personality so true

You my dear, could talk to anyone, anywhere
When my family met you they loved you too
Tall, dark and handsome; kindness ever so true
Your sense of humor made me laugh.

We dressed casually, and went to the park
Admired all the pretty flowers
All the roses you sent me from you
Every day had sunshine, even when it rained,
because of you

We met through a friend, and our arms touched
ever so slightly, and sparks flew
Remember all the dances we went to?
Formal was the dress
Dinner, and then we danced until we could no more

Always such a gentleman
Iíve always enjoyed your company
We were just friends when we were invited
to a chapel to visit Our Lord
We accepted Jesus Christ, September 23rd 1973
We took our vows of marriage a few months later
Love, honor and be true
I do it all for you

For David Allen © Joyce Ann Geyer