Dream Island

With you on an island we share
Love with respect, honor so rare
Island trees sway as we play
On the sunlit beach each day

In rippling cool waters we swim
Sometimes frolic with dolphins
Strolling hand in hand as evening begins
Laughing, telling funny jokes as we grin

Loves passionate night has a new start
Filled with joy and happiness in our hearts
Sands of time multiply as we grow
All loversí thoughts and words we bestow

Words of love you whisper in my ear
Love and warmth that is so sincere
Romantic times with you I live for
All seasons, all times, we have a rapport

Time has so much meaning when Iím with you
You have always been my rock that I cling to
Each day, each new season, our love renews
We allow each other to have our own point of view

The moments together we share and treasure
Always bring us peace, serenity and pleasure
I thank our Lord I am not alone to experience
His loving Earth and all of natureís ambiance
© Joyce Ann Geyer
February 20, 2005


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