Jesus Loves You

Wind rushing past, bringing raindrops
Sunshines brightly make rainbows
After rain cleanses our Earth
We ask, “Lord cleanse my soul.”

Every minute we breathe
Every minute we see, and feel
Earth’s glow
Thank you Jesus.

Our Heavenly Father created all
Look at a tiny flower
All petals divine
Everything perfectly created.

Even time
Walk slowly upon a path
Where flowers grow wild
Everything so divine.

Just say this simple prayer
“Lord Jesus, guide my path
Along life’s road
Protect me, I am your child.”

Choices are many
All that we make are ours
Thank you Jesus for giving
Light to our road.

Mountains so high
Valleys so low
Rivers do flow
Oceans separate countries.

People connect through prayer
We are all God’s children,
and Jesus loves you so,
ever divine.

When you see a baby,
an animal, another person
He created all.
“Love one another.”

© Joyce Ann Geyer

Cast your burden upon the Lord,
and He will sustain you: He will
never allow the righteous to be shaken.
Psalm 55:22