My True Loves First Ballroom Dance

She met a man from out of town
From a friend they both knew clearly
They went here and there and all around
They got to know each other dearly

He invited her to a ballroom dance
It did require her to wear a gown
And soon they found real romance
Curls she wore upon her crown

He quietly whispered in her ear
A gentleman she was impressed
All the lovely words she wanted to hear
As they danced he held her tightly to his chest

He was sharp and debonair
She was floating on cloud nine
At the dinner he led with prayer
Could this be a couple so divine?

At the Hilton in nineteen hundred and seventy-three
Dancing like no one else was on the dance floor
They were falling in love, could this be?
Captivated by each other everyone else they did ignore

Now thirty-two years later
Every where they go people think they just met
They are very thankful to their Creator
A love they found so true with no regret
Joyce Ann Geyer
May 7th 2005
Fond Memories

Joyful, joyful, we adore thee,
God of glory, Lord of love;
Hearts unfold like flowers
before Thee, opening to
the sun above.

Henry Van Dyke

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