At Your Service

Dear guardian angel please guide us

Your spiritual strength will be our fortress

To guide and lead us along life’s way

Please lead us back if we go astray

When we begin our day be at our side

All throughout the day and to our bedside

Ever so mindful you are here to stay

Even from the start on our birthday

Before sleep we pray you’ll keep and protect

Our spirit to you we trust without ill effect

Thank you guardian dear for your selfless love

We say a prayer for you to our Lord above

Ever so faithful during work or at play

Watching and protecting everyday

Every time we see “At Your Service”

We thank you for guarding us in our weakness

© Joyce Ann Geyer

All poetry on this site is by Joyce Ann Geyer (C) 2004

Danny Hahlbohm:

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The painting used to create this set is called "At Your Service" by Danny Hahlbohm©.  Used with permission.

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This poem was created on August 23, 2004 

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