Bible Study

Read our Bible with an open heart
Begin at Genesis now thatís a good start
Moses in Exodus told the story
How God gave His Laws in all His Glory
When Moses passed, Joshua led the Israelites
Conquered Canaan, this became their childrenís birthrights
Down through the times in Judges, Samson was tricked
By Delilah whom he trusted, she caused quite a conflict
God restored his strength and he pushed the pillars to fall
On all who were evil and all were destroyed as I recall
David was chosen to carry His bloodline
For a Christ child was born to be all-divine
Jesus cousin, John The Baptist predicted His message
All who pass through Jesus shall have safe passage
Jesus was born in a manger, and three Kings came
They followed Gods star above for His acclaim
Many followed Jesus teachings, and believed
They witnessed all His miracles He achieved
God gave His only son so all could be saved
All who believe in Jesus will never be enslaved
Jesus chose twelve apostles to spread the word
They traveled far and near to teach the averred
At the last supper he told them one would betray
Jesus went out and knelt in the garden to pray
He knew His time had come, and it would be hard
Roman soldiers came and found Him in the courtyard
No one in government wanted blood on his hands
They pushed, shoved and scourged Christ the lamb
When His Mother Mary heard of her sonsí fate
She and their friends knew it was too late
Jesus hung about nine hours on the cross
Thunder clapped, the earth shook in great chaos
We who believe have been set free by the Holy Spirit
This is the greatest story of salvation predicted by so many prophets

© Joyce Ann Geyer

October 2004