Blessings of Easter

At Easter, Jesus cross signifies
Godís love for us.
He loved us so much that He gave
His only Son to save mankind.

God said, He would never destroy
man as He did before with floods,
with a crumbling Babylon Tower,
or the walls of Jericho.

This time was different
God gave His only Son
to save mankind.
God is perfect, God is love.

God knew man would crucify Jesus.
Imagine for a moment a child in a manger
knowing His fate. Knowing too that with
His teachings some would be saved.

Remembering the cross, the three top
parts remind me of God the center top,
His son at His right, and
the Holy Spirit to the left.
He died for all mankind.

© Joyce Ann Geyer
March 23rd 2005

Thanks be unto God for his amazing gift:
Jesus Christ, the only begotten
Son of God is the object of our faith;
the only faith that saves is faith in Him.

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