Bygone Summers

Planting new flowers in the dark rich earth
Each new flower and plant precious in worth
Sunlight shines down on their silken petals
Kissed in Fuchsias, crimson by angels
Gracing our gardens as cherished jewels
Birdhouses and feeders with bird bath pools
Lush fresh gardens of mint, basil and herbs
Cities, and countryside even suburbs

Scents of lavender, lilacs mist the air
People walked hand in hand without a care
Summers back in times when we had no fear
Spoke to our neighbors and we were sincere
Made crowns of flowers to wear in our hair
Sat on lawns wore pretty dresses with flair
Happy summers of a bygone era
Childhood times of nineteen fifty's circa
© Joyce Ann Geyer

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This poem was created on July 22nd, 2004

A steamy hot day

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July 21, 2004
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