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Evening Comfort

Peaceful ambiance you enter the room

Serenity fills my being when I'm with you

Loving nature as we do

Painting and flowers freshen the view

Values of kindness, charity, integrity

I learned from you

I have no fret or worry when I'm with you

You fill my skies with starlight,

Never let me be blue

You wrap me in kindness

Hug me with love

This is our evening comfort,

and I thank God above

© Joyce Ann Geyer

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Poem created by Joyce Ann Geyer

~Let the ink flow~ ~Poetry is in my soul~

Have a heaveny day!

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Poem created July 11, 2004 (C)

Poetry by Joyce Ann Geyer ~AKA~ Poetnmysol (C) 2004

July 11, 2004
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