Fairies live in shady little nooks

Under pretty flower petals, even up in trees

Deep in forests, alongside babbling brooks

Gleaming tiny little faces powdered from pollen breeze

Glistening like diamonds fluttering in flight

If you listen very carefully little voices sing

Pearly images dancing glittering so bright

Giggling and riding on Monarch butterfly wings

Acrobatics of cartwheels, and backbends they stay fit

All in different pastels of pinks, blues and greens

They even dance as dusk falls fireflies light the night

Little flower dresses and blue bells and their beams

In Fairyland, so enchanted everything so real

Magical and misty eyed if you catch their look

Sometimes out walking a tiny pinch you feel

Wondering in your fancy, was that a fairy you mistook

Joyce Ann Geyer

November skies of 2004