Happy Birthday David

Hold the fire, Oh the candles
David lit up his hair
Too many candles, quite a scandal
for this we didnít prepare
Another past, another year older
you sure donít look it my dear

Well, it was the fire on your cake
and not barbecuing the steak (lol)
We wish you happiness and good cheer
Firemen are here putting out the fire
a fine Birthday this is without a cake
Now arenít you glad you retired?

Birthday Greetings for this New Year of 2005
Burning off most of your hair, we hope you survive
We all wish you the happiest, and healthiest Birthday
Upon your head it looks really red we canít even see the gray
You will soon recover; youíll feel better without the ache
Now itís your turn to make a wish, but Oh, no cake?
Well, just look in the guest book and see the wishes we send
I love you my David, Happy Birthday, and all good wishes I penned

© Joyce Ann Geyer
January 27th, 2005


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Music by Margi Harrell