Our Angels

At birth, God gave us an angel

To guide, protect and keep a vigil

Many, who believe in a higher power,

Love and faith they have been showered

God named them angels, and gave them a task

All we have to do is believe, pray and ask

We may say; Guardian dear, protect me here

I believe, and you are ever so sincere

Walk with me, and guide by thy light

So I may live and never be in fright

Protect me whenever there is danger

Your love for me could not be truer

I thank you for being ever so at my side

Sorry for my errors, Iíll try to abide

By Gods commandments and laws

No one is perfect and we all have flaws

It is far easier to love then hate

We decide to choose our own fate

I pray with love and gratitude

For my faith has been renewed

© Joyce Ann Geyer