For My Love

For you my love who I adore

I am yours forever to explore

I fell for you I don’t deny

Our souls touched that first July

For My Love

Your kindness touched my heart

With all our love we’ll never part

Our days are filled with laughter

Weight upon our souls are lighter

For My Love

Walks we took to view the moon’n stars

You named a star Ucub and called it ours

We’ve faced all challenges over the years

Many have complimented, our love endears

For My Love

Happiness comes from deep within

And touches the other therein

Our lives are free as now retired

Simple days we have acquired

For My Love

Years of joy have numbered thirty-one

Days are bright as our love deepens

I thank our angels from above

How God guided us to fall in love

© Joyce Ann Geyer

October 10, 2004

“Our Anniversary date is November 5th, 1973”

For My Love

"I'll Always Love You"

Is the name of the music playing

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The photograph used to create this set was taken by
Jean Ilderton. Used with permission.

Floater java script courtesy of Dynamic Drive.