I dedicate this poem to all my wonderful friends

Friends Forever

Thank you friend for being there

To show me love and that you care

I feel so blessed to have met you

You're there in times when I feel blue

I treasure all the love we share

For you are special and so rare

You share your thoughts and time with me

Your friendship makes me feel heavenly

© Joyce Ann Geyer



The two poems below are dedicated to those individuals

Who have given me love and friendship that I'll always


True Friend and Kindred Spirit

No heart would I find truer

Linda Begley my anchor

Fine poet very clever

She speaks of our true savior

Kindred spirit none finer

To me a friend of honor

Her heart full of compassion

And real mission of helper

She is my friend and angel

Pure heart and truly humble

A lady that is graceful

A woman who is soulful

Never forgets and thoughtful

Every day she is cheerful

At birth angels sang a tune

Born in June she is special

© 2004 Joyce Ann Geyer

My Sweet Friend

Dear Denise my friend so true

You've helped me when I was blue

Writing poetry is what we do

Both of us published on lulu

Denise Clark writes about emotions

Words of wisdom often sweetens

Hard realities of life and health

Hopefully it brings her wealth

Terrific poems filled with heart

From lessons learned and she is smart

When we think we've lost our way

A kind word said can make our day

This humble poem for you dear friend

You've brightened my day you are a Godsend

© 2004 Joyce Ann Geyer

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