Golden Hues

Golden hues surround us in our home of love

We thank you Lord, all blessing from above

Things we do and say all filled with courtesy

Each day we wake we feel blessed so richly

Peace and contentment, security we feel

Paths our lives took, we found each otherís zeal

A house of love was all we ever wanted

All lifeís previous disappointments faded

A love we share so real, thank you for being my soul mate

The heavy hearts we once carried, now seem light weight

Now Iím not saying our life is perfect, or we donít have spats

But we love, enjoy, and respect, and are not each otherís door mats

A home of love surrounded by golden hues we feel

A life worth living filled with love and is so real

© Joyce Ann Geyer

November 2004

I dedicate this poem to my wonderful husband David