God sent Angels to protect us
With discipline we do confess
And try to live within His laws
We are Human and do have flaws

With open mind we can discuss
God sent Angels to protect us
Guardian dear I do express
Tranquility I do possess

Because I know that you are near
I try and set aside my fear
God sent Angels to protect us
In all times of need, and distress

Contentment gives my soul a rest
For you are there, and are God’s best
Faith in Angels we do profess
God sent Angels to protect us

© Joyce Ann Geyer
April 2005

Do not be afraid…I am your shield,
your very great reward.

Genesis 15:1

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April 2005

The painting used to create this set is called "Heavenly Hands"
by Greg Olsen.  Used with permission.

Copyright of Lil Kitty, 2000-2005.