My Soul's Retreat

I pray to Jesus who I endear

Who hears my thoughts and fears

And pray for all my brethren

Most wonderful Lord in heaven

To thank Him for the peace and love

All the wondrous days enjoyed

And all the blessings from above

Set aside my fears and try to avoid

For this soul is just a sinner

Who needs guidance from above

My heart feels strengthened to conquer

God's Spirit fills my being with His Love

I ask my Guardian Angel to guide and outstay

In morning hours when we begin each new day

For any problems we have along the way

And rest in evening hours after work or play

Sometimes our answers come in forms

Of dreams or just in rest

Find a place and meditate

The rewards are Heavens best

© Joyce Ann Geyer



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Poetry by Joyce Ann Geyer (C) copyright protected 2004

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This poem was created July, 2004

©July , 2004