Lakeside Autumn

Pumpkins and hayrides Autumn is here

They laughed and giggled along the way

Couples in love held each other near

Children played and tucked under the hay

This road was bumpy and gave a jolt

Fresh scent of burning leaves touched your nose

A deer was crossing and gave way to bolt

Everyone on the cart yelled and held close

A scarecrows movement made children scream

Red wagon took the path round the lake

The couples looked at the stars and dream

A horse drawn wagon had no brake

Our hayride lasted an hour and a half

When we began it was late afternoon

We saw horses and ponies, even a calf

Prettiest part was seeing a full moon

We were bundled in hooded coats

And the wind created quite a stir

They told us be careful of all that floats

Almost wished we were dressed in fur

At last we stopped at the pumpkin patch

A farmer sold the pumpkin carving tools

This experience so cool you could never match

Cider and apple pie gave us fuel

End of the ride to the barn we went

Little did we know what was inside?

Halloween approaching is the hint

All were scared but no one died

© Fall 2004

Joyce Ann Geyer


Java script courtesy of Kurt Grigg