Here Iím sittin enjoying the beat

Clicking my fingers kicking my feet

Young folk donít realize Iíve got it made

Done working, retired and all bills paid

Listen to Sting, Mick Jagger, Sonny & Cher

Sleep in, donít get up early or I act like a bear

Answering machine says Iím not home

Little do they know Iím writing a poem

I can do everything from my chair

Rocking, reading, writing even say a prayer

I can eat when or what I want

Got my hair all done up in a bouffant

Donít have to sneak that shot of whiskey

Iím just fine til that ole cat gets frisky

Poor ole dog just sleeps in the corner

Acts all sad just like a mourner

Got to go I have jazz to hear

I might even switch to a beer

So when you see an ole lady

She may not be all crazy

Sheís out having lots of fun

Spending Bingo money she had won

~ © Joyce Ann Geyer ~

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