~Magnificent Horses~

Beautiful renegades of mustangs and stallions,
have roamed out west for fifty-five million years.
When they roamed wild as so did the bisonís,
before man decided those animals were of no longer use it appears.

Horses helped change our civilization and progress.
Work and play, horses were there when we went out west.
Why would man rid us of our beautiful animals and regress?
Was it industry or ego, that man destroys and must conquest?

Hear their thunder hooves as they travel hillside.
Watch their muscles ripple, as they seem to glide.
Ride the tamed horses with saddle made of cowhide.
See their dignity as they prance in their stride.

Egyptians used horses to pull their chariots.
Horses used in Persia helped create an Empire.
Men who rode in fine attire and feathered helmets.
Wars were fought with all the horses they could acquire!

Pinto, Arabian or Appaloosa has fine stamina.
Horses throughout history have been favored.
All around the world from America to China,
men with horses have traveled and ventured.
A quarter horse was tough and used in a rodeo.
Even today at carnivals children take a pony ride.
Many games and fun on horses as polo,
now may they roam free and untied?
© Joyce Ann Geyer
January 2005


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