In Honor of My Mother

I remember when we sat and chat on Saturdays
Before cleaning the house and other chores
All those times on your days off
I was only a teenager, but I looked up to you
A single Mom's life isn't easy,
but you did it effortlessly

I always hoped your soft and gentle ways
Would become mine
I admired you
Never a harsh word from your lips
You handled things discreetly and privately
Never an embarrassment

I remember all those discussions
Of our hopes and dreams
Although very different you allowed me to have mine
I remember when we moved to Stevens Street
All the work of moving, you made it so
Heavenly to be around you

Since a small child I always felt helping
you was an honor
This is how you raised me
You would say "would you like to help Mother today?"
Your soft kind gentle ways, your lowered voice
I felt honored to help you

You and I weren't perfect, but our love was
I remember all those examples you made
Your friends and mine simply adored you
Your wonderful sisters too
They looked up to you

I learned and grew up with a Mother who cared
Who taught love and respect
A Mother who knew by example we learn, not scolding
Early in my teens when I sassed you
I remember your reply
"My daughter wouldn't say that to me!"

I cried and felt bad,
and asked you to forgive me
We were not perfect, but our love was
The Lord took my Mother thirty-six years ago
To sing and laugh with the angels
I called my Mother "Angel"

My Mother was the best woman
I ever knew,
and my love for her is endless
I know one day we'll meet again, I miss you so Mom
You can see the life I live
You know too that I am surrounded by love

© Joyce Ann Geyer

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Poetry by Joyce Ann Geyer (C) 2004

June, 2004 (C)

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