Mother and Child

Mary, bless-ed virgin chosen by God above

Beautiful mother filled with so much love

Her baby born, whom they adorn with gifts

His spirit true and just, a gift to all he uplifts

Baby Jesus, laid in a manger of golden hay

Born in a stable, while animals kept watch night and day

This Holy child of God, brought gifts of love and peace

To take away the hatred, and let His peace, and love release

We have eternal light, to guide the way for every soul

His very life, and actions filled with love, and hope consoles

This is a time of joy and happiness to celebrate His birth

Hallelujah, our Savior came for all people upon this Earth

His mother Mary sang to Jesus a lullaby of long ago

A child of beauty, perfection, justice, with a golden hallo

Many times, God gave man laws and tried to teach

He finally sent the One who could, to us preach

He showed the way, the path to take, and it is our free will

We make our choice each and every one, a lifetime until

He calls our name; we know thatís true so join the truth

Begin right from the start to walk the path of Jesus youth

© Joyce Ann Geyer

Christmas 2004

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