Apollo Dove and Butterfly Princess

Butterfly Princess played music on a flute

Golden wings black satin dress

Ate leaves and fruit

Demanded all to call her Princess

She hid her bright diamond eyes

Was her disguise?

Soft Apollo Dove I ask you why do you follow?

The dove replied

“You are the Butterfly Princess, I fell in love”

I want to be with you forever in the Hollow

We can fly high in the sky dart about

We have clout!

You are my Butterfly Princess

Me your Apollo Dove

By Joyce Ann Geyer

A Bit Of Whimsey

From the land of Reed

She read and wrote

Time was hers to Invoke

All that glitters

And never spoke

Stars like sequins

Sky so red

Golden rivers

Colors she loved

Statues of ego’s

Buildings widespread

Cities without crime

Towns of beloved

Streets of parties

Plenty of bread

Dancers of bright colors

Made new trends

Aqua who jiggled

And belly danced

Purple jumped

Sometimes pranced

Colors of her rainbow

Vivid and bright

Lived in a land

Silver sunlight

Moonlight shown bronze

Speckled with green

Now you know where

She lives and dreams

You know her favorite

Colors are purple and red

Just a bit of whimsy

All in her head

By Joyce Ann Geyer