Gods Gardens

Flowers as charming as Aprilís love

Peeking through Godís Earth and look above

Facing the sunshine through the dew

Tiny little droplets make them fresh and anew

Magnolias are flawless although from a shrub

Roses so fragrant and are hard to shrug

Lilacs of purple sweet scent in the Spring

Lily of the valley, tiny little bells pretty to ring

Lavenders scent so clean in a drawer

Babyís breath will add to a floral border

Chinese lanterns are orange and pretty

Pansies of all colors line up so neatly

Bird-of- Paradise exotic and tropical

Gardenias so white and pristine in April

I can imagine the fairies dancing and playing

Among the wonderful flowers and staying

Under the petals asleep on a leaf

Canít you imagine or even believe?

© Joyce Ann Geyer September 19, 2004





Karen's Graphics by Stargazer


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