Our Trip To Allegany

Break away from the city life

on a charming late September day

Enjoyed the fresh outdoors, scenery galore

Clean scent of pine trees and green grass

We sat along the Red House Lake,

and watched the water ripple

We walked a while then stood still

to listen to the Woodpecker’s tune

A fine and harmonious tune he played

With a bright red head and yellow beak

Thumped hard and then quite light

A Woodpecker’s tune he played

While other birds in flight

Ducks gliding upon a lake of crystal blue

Reflections of clouds and sparkles of sunlight too

A little further down the path

a fawn of tan stood still

We stopped to watch and

saw her head turn toward ours

Her leg stretched in front gave way

to leave as we took another step

We looked and thought of bears

However, they said they were near

Quaker Lake, not Red House Lake

We never did see the black furry

bear, not even a glimpse

Photographing each other

With colors of the season

Bright orange, burnt red, golden

yellow, and purple too

We sat by the campfire embers so blue

Flames dancing and flickering

On a moonlit night…

Up in Allegany State Park

© Joyce Ann Geyer