Piano Tunes and Good Times

Ivory keys, sounds of blues and honky tonk too

Chilly snowy nights, winter skies, I can see you

Playing those piano blues and jazz of times past

Circled around our piano with friends we had a blast

Seasons in life's memories of music and song

Always cheerful, never blue, you said, "Come along!"

Didn't matter the season with music in the air

Attitudes set to the mood of light not even a care

Wonderful summers, starry nights a gleaming moon

Gathered around singing the blues and jazzy tunes

Friendships that last a lifetime from a musical thread

Makes me think of all the times we sang to the music,

and with that said

I've always known why I have music in my soul

© Joyce Ann Geyer


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This poem was created July 18th A Sunny Sunday Afternoon

~Let the ink flow~

~Poetry is in my soul~

~Have a Heavenly Day~

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Poetry by Joyce Ann Geyer (C) 2004

July 18th 2004
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