Sunset Dreams

Sunrise and Moon Glow

Sunny days, starry nights,
moonbeams dance among the evening stars.
Reflections on the ocean waves glitter

Fresh clean air
Rainy days sometimes have rainbows
Whether rain, sleet, or snow
each new days is a precious gift

Waves crashing upon the shore,
and the scent of the salty ocean water

and the gritty sand gently slip through your fingers

All that we have, all that we give is true to the heart of Jesus
Our Father and fashioneer has created a wonderful Earth

Let us remember daily to give Praise to the Lord Above
He truly answers all prayers no matter how small

I thank you Lord for creating me
As you knew I had a purpose
Although I didnít quite understand
I do now

I love to live and live to love
Thank you my Lord above
For all your wonderful gifts

Rich not in wealth but rich in spirit
As I read my Bible each day.

© Joyce Ann Geyer

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