Sunset Waters

Water so serene…

the sky fades from pastel pinks and baby blue

into dark red, orange and yellow.

Mirrored on the waters face, the sun dips

beyond the horizon.

A cool breeze envelops my warmed body.

Walking along the shoreline, toes sinking into

cooled sand.

Watch the tides arrival melting the sand castles

the children created earlier.

I felt fresh ocean spray tickle my nose,

and cooled my face.

Romantic evening, twinkling stars

as diamonds on the waters reflection.

Passing a couple by, who held each other

arm in arm. The moonlight kissed their


A moonlit walk waking my spirit,

and reminding me of God’s love.

© 9/04 Joyce Ann Geyer

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Poem created September 11, 2004 Saturday

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