Valentine's For Our Troops

On Valentine’s Day, as other days
Our thoughts are with you as we pray
We ask God’s guidance for your care
As angels watch and protect you there

May you return safe from war
As all of American hearts are for
We honor your courage as you protect
You will always have our love, and respect

You are fulfilling a dream of peace
And helping the terrorists cease
Your courageous fight
Is showing all of your might

Our Country is strong
As we all belong
To the red, white and blue
One Nation, under God,
who will see us through

So on this Valentine’s Day
No matter what comes your way
Just know, we all love you,
and ask God from above
To send you back with love
To the red, white and blue!
America the strongest Nation on Earth

© Joyce Ann Geyer
February 14, 2005




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Music by Margi Harrell