Flowers Are A Gift Of Love

We admire flowers,
watching their petals unfurl.
Spring brings showers
wondrous colors swirl.

Dogwood blossoms scent,
Lilacs so aromatic.
All represent,
Spring’s dramatic event.

Crocus of the Iris family,
sprout its purple hue.
Daffodil trumpets gaily
in bright yellow debut.

Watch geese back in flight.
Peek sunshine’s ray,
so bright.
Note how grasses sway.

A glimpse of rabbit scamper,
and an alley cat darts.
Birds singing sharper,
to attract his mates heart.

Dusk lulling everyone
to sleep.
Rising to the sun,
another day begun.

Flowers are a gift of love,
from our bless-ed God above.

© Joyce Ann Geyer
March 12th 2005

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