Winter Solace

In the early evening haze

Between snowdrops they gaze

Little cat eyes peek out to see

Pretty little birds in a tree

Home alone all through the day

Company with each other at play

Taking little cat naps under our bed

Staying warm and comfy in our homestead

We wonder the trouble they found

Prancing the rooms all around

Happy to see us when we return

A look in their eyes to cause concern

Brush past our legs and scamper away

Off to the kitchen to eat gourmet

Fussy and picky begins to explain

They stay sleek and never do they gain

With cold black skies as evening turns dark

They curl onto our lap with a purring remark

At evenings end and at the foot of our bed

Feeling secure, fast asleep on our bedspread

All too soon the night at its end our clock rings off

Another day begins and there fast to runoff

Written for our friends with kittens

Joyce Ann Geyer © 2004

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November 2004
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