Dear Jesus:

You blessed me since birth
Upon your grand Earth
From sunrise to sunset
I feel my needs have always been met

Great parents, Iíll never forget
Sweet love, with no regrets
All the love they taught me,
and about Thee

My grandparents were special
They taught their children love essential
Sunday spent with Bible at Church
Where we all, our hearts do search

Bless our soldiers in Iraq
Send them angels to watch their back
We pray for love and peace
Freedom we hope worldwide will increase

Some things we donít understand
We always know You have a plan
Earthly treasures do not buy
Passage into Heavenís sky

Your teachings still adored
You taught us well Lord
Your blessings reach far and wide
All who believe are never denied

Thank you for the light of day
With all my love I do convey
Thank you for my life, and soul
That I may meet my final goal

With Love:

Joyce Ann Geyer ©
February 25, 2005


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